Our CHI litters

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Čivave iz naše psarne

Stardogs White rose with J-puppies

               SLO - White rose Lanvin

Slo-White rose Lanvin

                                   SLO - White rose Lolita

Slo-White rose Lolita


SLO - White rose Key To My Heart

SLO - White rose Kind Hearted Soul

SLO - White rose Kiss Kiss 

SLO - White rose Jameson

SLO - White rose Jack Daniel's 

SLO - White rose Johnnie Walker

SLO - White rose Jim Beam

SLO - White rose Joie de Vivre

           SLO - White rose Isabella

Slo-White rose Isabella

SLO - White rose Grand prix

Slo-White rose Grand prix - Baci

SLO - White rose Glamour girl

Slo-White rose Glomour girl - Nunu

SLO - White rose Euphoria

Slo - White rose Euphoria

SLO - White rose Eternity

Slo - White rose Eternity

SLO - White rose Baci

Baci - 3 months old

Baci and Vicky

SLO - White rose Bayadera

Bayadera - 5 months old

Bayadera in new home

Bayadera 2 months old


SLO - White rose Bonbon

Bonbon - 3,5 months old

Bonbon in new home

Bonbon 2 months old

Bonbon with Vicky

B litter

SLO - White rose Adi Da Daydream
was exported to Nederland

Slo-White rose Adi Da Daydream - "Happy Easter!"

Dolly with Adi Da

Slo - White rose Adi Da Daydream

Vicky with Adi Da

V litter

Puppies are 1 month old - V litter

SLO - White rose Victory

Slo - White rose Victory


SLO - White rose Val

Val - 8 months old

Eva and Val - May 2009

Val in new home

Val - 7 weeks old

Val - 7 weeks old

Val 4 months old

Val 4 months old

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